Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1. Definitions:

a)         Controller – Torseed S.A. with its registered office at Żółkiewskiego 35, 87-100 Toruń;

b)         Personal data – information about a natural person enabling their identification. Within the range of the Controller activities: name, surname, address, phone number, IP address, e-mail address, information gathered with cookies, and bank account number;

c)         GDPR – Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 of The European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC;

d)         Website – an internet website maintained by the Controller at and an online store at;

e)         User – each natural person visiting the Website or using services of the Controller.

  1. 2. Data processing

In relation to the use by the User of the Website or services offered by the Controller, data necessary to execute individual services and information about the User’s activity on the Website are gathered. Detailed information concerning processed data is described in sections below.

  1. 3. Purposes of data processing:

a)          Personal data are processed to execute agreements and orders, preform statutory obligations of the Controller (in particular, resulting from tax and accountancy regulations), for analytical and statistical purposes, for possible determination and pursuing of claims, or defending against them.

b)         The Controller processes data of Users not registered on the website (IP address, cookies) to ensure correct functioning of the website and security against Users’ malpractices, and for analytical and statistical purposes.

c)          The User can shop in the online store without registration; however, this requires providing additional data necessary to execute the order. A refusal to provide them means that the order cannot be executed.

d)         The Controller will process the User’s data to handle complaints, and for possible pursuing of claims or defending against them.

e)          The Controller registers the User’s activities in system logs to execute services and ensure security of the Website operation.

f)          The User’s data can also be processed for the Controller’s marketing purposes (Newsletter) and are not transferred to other entities for commercial purposes.

g)         The Controller maintains statistics and a shopping history associated with the user to ensure appropriate quality of Website services.

  1. 4. Legal basis for data processing:

a)         A sales agreement or actions undertaken on the User’s request, aiming at its conclusion (Article 6.1.b of GDPR)

b)         Legal obligation, e.g., associated with accounting (Article 6.1.c of GDPR)

c)         User’s consent expressed on the Website (Article 6.1.a of GDPR)

d)         Legal interest in form of data processing to determine, pursue or defend possible claims, direct marketing, and for analytical and statistical purposes (Article 6.1.f of GDPR)

  1. 5. Contact forms

The Controller provides on the Website means for contact through specially developed contact forms, in which the User is asked to provide their contact data. They are required to provide an answer to a questions(s) asked. A failure to provide data or providing of incorrect data prevents the Controller from rendering the service.

  1. 6. Marketing activities

The Controller processes personal data of the Users to execute marketing activities in form of displaying marketing contents on the Website, matching their preferences on the basis of their shopping history. If the User gives their consent, the Controller can sent marketing and commercial information by e-mail (Newsletter service).

  1. 7. Social media websites

The Controller processes personal data of Users visiting the Controller’s profiles (Facebook). Data are processed in relation to management of the profile and within the scope enabled by a given website.

  1. 8. Cookies

Cookies are used within the website to ensure the necessary quality of actions, and for statistical and analytical purposes. The User can block their use at any time, by an appropriate configuration of their internet browser. The Website uses cookies to create a session (session identification, session duration), authenticate actions, enable the use of multimedia players, or remember cart contents. The website uses cookies used by Google Analytics (data are anonymous and not connected to the Users).

  1. 9. Period of processing personal data:

a)         Period of processing of personal data by the Controller depends on the type of service provided and purpose of processing. In general, data are processed throughout rendering of a service or performance of an order, until the given consent is withdrawn. These data will be processed for a period necessary to perform legal obligations of the Controller, and other responsibilities related to performance of services offered by the Controller.

b)         The period of data processing can be extended when processing is necessary to determine and pursue possible claims or defend against them.

c)         After the period of processing expires, the data are irreversibly deleted.

10. User’s rights:

a)         Right to information – The User may request the Controller to provide information on purposes and legal background for processing, a scope of data possessed, entities to which personal data are disclosed, or about a date when they are deleted.

b)         A right to obtain copies – on the User request, the Controller provides then with copies of data held.

c)         A right to rectify – on the User’s request, the Controller removes nonconformities or errors, and updates and supplements data if they are incomplete or have been changed.

d)         A right to delete – the User has a right to request their data to be deleted, when the processing is not necessary for any purposes for which they have been gathered.

e)         A right to limit processing – on this basis the Controller stops processing of personal data, except for those to which the User gave their consent.

f)          A right to transfer data – the User can request their data to be transferred to another entity, provided it is technically feasible.

g)         A right to object to data processing

At any time the User can object to processing of their personal data for marketing purposes without specifying the reason, and for other purposes justified by the Controller’s interests. In this second case, the User should provide grounds for the Contractor’s evaluation.

h)         A right to withdraw consent – when personal data are processed under a consent, the User has a right to withdraw that consent at any moment; however, this does not affect lawfulness of processing before withdrawal of that consent.

i)          A right to lodge a complaint – when the User decides that processing of personal data is in breach of GDPR provisions or other personal data protection regulations, they can lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (the Office for the Protection of Personal Data).

11. Data security:

a)         The Controller conducts analyses on a regular basis to ensure that personal data are processed in a secure way. It means that only authorized persons have access to these data on the need to know basis in relation to their tasks associated with performance of services offered by the Website. All operations on personal data are recorded and performed only by authorised employees and partners.

b)         The Controller undertakes necessary activities to ensure its subcontractors and other co-working entities also guarantee the use of appropriate security measures.

12. Contact details

You can contact the Controller by e-mail at: or, or at the following address for correspondence: TORSEED S.A., ul. Żółkiewskiego 35, 87-100 Toruń.

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